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State Personnel Testing and Training Facility - Directions

The Application Process

The Merit System

State jobs in the classified service are under the merit system. The merit system is based on competition. Positions are filled on an equal opportunity basis.

How to Apply

To be considered for a job you must be on the employment register. You must submit an official application form. Each job class requires a separate application. You can download an application from our website or you can get one from the State Personnel Department or a local State Employment Service. Photocopies of completed applications will be accepted.

Once complete, you can mail the application to State Personnel at the address shown at the top of the application, FAX it to (334)242-1110, or email it to

There are many different job classes with the State. Some of these are open on a continuous basis. You can apply for these at any time.

Other job classes are open on a current basis. You must apply by the closing date. The closing date will be on the job announcement.

The State Personnel Department publishes an employment guide. This guide tells you about different state jobs. It also tells you how to be notified of these jobs. You may get an employment guide from the State Personnel Department or from the State Employment Service.

How You Are Rated

The minimum requirements for the job are on the announcement. You must meet the requirements to be accepted. If you do not meet the requirements you should not apply. For some jobs you will take a written test. For other jobs you get a score based on your education and experience. For job classes requiring official college transcripts, applicants must submit an original document. Once your transcript is verified and accepted, it will remain on file. For a few jobs you get a score based on some activity you must perform. Some scores are number scores like 80 or 90. Other scores group similar applicants together. These groups are called bands and have names like Band 1 or Band 2.

(NOTE: Not all institutional degrees will be accepted. Please see our Degree Acceptance Policy for more information)

For current exams, written tests are given soon after the closing date. For continuous exams, written tests are given every three to four months. You will be notified a week before the test and told the date, time, and place of the test. You must show a picture identification at the test. Results will be sent to you as soon as possible after the test. You must pass the test or evaluation to be put on the employment register.

You must submit proof to get veteran's credit. Veteran's credit consists of five points added your score. If you are a disabled veteran ten points will be added to your score. More information about this credit is on the application form.

How Appointments Are Made

Hiring is done by the various State agencies from names sent by the State Personnel Department. These are the top ten applicants on the register. The names of people not selected stay on the register to be considered for future jobs. Persons are usually hired at the minimum of the pay range.