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State Personnel Testing and Training Facility - Directions

The list below contains job classes that are part of the State Professional Trainee program. Click on the job title to view the job description and degree requirements. If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please click the Apply button.

State Professional Trainee Job Classes

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The State Professional Trainee is introductory work into a major activity of state government. Employees in this class serve an apprenticeship under the supervision of professional employees in the state service.

Class-OptionClass Title (click to view job announcement and degree requirements)
10801-000 Equal Employment Officer
10821-000 Training Specialist I
10841-000 State Personnel Analyst I
11044-003 Communications and Public Relations Specialist - GENERAL
11044-289 Communications and Public Relations Specialist - RECRUITMENT OPTION
11102-000 Statistician
11109-000 Labor Market Analyst
11212-000 Bank Examinations Specialist
11212-433 Bank Examinations Specialist - CREDIT UNION EXAMINER
11227-000 Insurance Rate Analyst I
11231-000 Insurance Examiner
11238-000 Bank Examiner
11239-000 Loan Examiner
11309-000 Agriculture Development Specialist
11349-000 Economic Development Representative Associate
11921-000 Administrative Analyst I
11943-000 State Employees Insurance Board Communications Specialist
11950-000 Underwriter
11973-000 Elections Analyst
20301-000 Right of Way Coordinator
20802-000 Forensic Scientist, Associate
21205-000 Workforce Development Specialist
30422-000 Cultural Resources Specialist
30422-175 Cultural Resources Specialist - ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY
30422-176 Cultural Resources Specialist - HISTORY
30422-177 Cultural Resources Specialist - PRESERVATION PLANNING
30430-000 Archivist
30451-000 Curator
30451-003 Curator - GENERAL
30451-358 Curator - EDUCATION
40229-000 Home Care Services Nurse
40240-000 Staff Nurse
40537-000 Occupational Therapist
40650-000 Nursing Compliance Monitoring Manager
40687-000 Public Health Research Analyst I
40741-000 Health Planner I
50335-000 Drug Treatment Counselor
50374-000 Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
50451-000 Medicaid Administrator I
50520-000 Human Services Program Coordinator
50520-225 Human Services Program Coordinator - SENIOR SERVICES
50520-226 Human Services Program Coordinator - YOUTH SERVICES
50520-262 Human Services Program Coordinator - SCHOOL READINESS
50520-442 Human Services Program Coordinator - CHILDREN'S SERVICES
50531-000 Human Services Program Specialist
50531-225 Human Services Program Specialist - SENIOR SERVICES
50531-262 Human Services Program Specialist - SCHOOL READINESS
50531-442 Human Services Program Specialist - CHILDREN'S SERVICES
60149-000 Emergency Management Specialist
60820-000 Youth Services Specialist
90350-000 Aeronautics Specialist